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Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract 

When you own a water treatment plant, it advised that you have the annual maintenance contract with a seasoned service provider. Why do you need it? You need it because it is a cost-effective solution than calling people on the ad-hoc basis.

At SAF Engineers, we want that the clients get maximum return on investment. We know that running a treatment plant is a costly affair. Therefore, our team offers tailor-made contracts for you. We bring a team of experienced and qualified engineers who come for periodical monitoring.

It is very much important that water treatment plant operates with low downtime and high efficiency. We make it possible by looking after the plant well.

What all do we cover in the Annual Maintenance Contract?

When we cover water treatment plant in your premises under Annual Maintenance Contract, four important aspects are looked after:

  • Health check up: Each and every component is checked to ensure good health.
  • Extended back wash: Back wash ensures that the components work well.
  • Regular cleaning: Cleaning removes deposits and sludge so that the components work well.
  • Adjustment of chemical dosing rate: We correct the chemical dosing rate so that processes work with utmost efficiency. Overdosing and underdosing both are not good for the health of the plant.