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Wastewater Treatment

The processed water is finally released in the environment and the waste material is either destroyed or put to some use if possible. ‘Sludge’, which is a part of the waste derived from the biological treatment, is popularly used as a fertilizer for plants. The released water can also be used for fisheries or for watering the plants. wastewater treatment is definitely a blessing in disguise because it helps us in maintain the scenic beauty and cleanliness of our surroundings. It is a boon for all of us as it can make this world a better place to live in.

⇒ Oil & Grease Trap/Pit & Separator
⇒ DAF – Dispersed Air Floatation System
⇒ Reaction Tanks – Flash Mixer & Flocculator
⇒ Sludge Thickener & Tube Settler/Clarifier
⇒ Tube Settler Media – Rectangular & Flocculator
⇒ Coarse Bubble Diffuser – Primary Aeration cum Mixing
⇒ AirO2 – Triton Aerator cum Mixer
⇒ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser
⇒ Fine Bubble Sintered Tube Diffuser/Aerators
⇒ Chemical Dosing Systems
⇒ Aerobic Bio Digester – Conventional (Suspended Growth)
⇒ Aerobic Bio Digester – SAFF & MBBR/FAB/FMR/FBBR (Attached Growth)
⇒ I-ETP – Electro-Oxidation based instant ETP/STP
⇒ SBR – Sequential Batch Reactor
⇒ MBR – Membrane Bio Reactor
⇒ Air Blower – Lobe & Regenerator
⇒ Transfer Pumps – Submersible, Conventional
⇒ Bio Media – SAFF
⇒ Bio Media – MBBR/FAB/FMR

Industrial Gray water Filters and Reuse
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