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Wastewater Treatment

Almost all the human activities affect water. This essential natural resource is not only contaminated by our household acts of washing and bathing but is also polluted by the waste caused by the industrial units. Since all these activities are a part of life and it is practically difficult to completely maintain the usual form of water, some options like the wastewater treatment can be of great use here.
Now, what is this treatment all about? It is actually a process that treats and purifies the environmental water to retain its goodness. The affected water is sanitized through many processes by a treatment plant that is especially set up for this purpose. After recognizing the requirement, the essential machinery and other apparatus are installed to begin with the procedure.

Why do we need it?
This is an obvious question that why do we require to undertake such a treatment. The simplest answer to this question is the fact that we care for the environment we live in. If we wish to preserve the rivers, streams and other natural water resources around us, we definitely need to understand and accept the importance of the wastewater treatment. It is actually a great solution for maintaining the cleanliness of natural water resources to keep up their beauty and recreational value while making it suitable for reuse. This act consequently benefits the other components of our environment like the trees, fisheries and animals. Moreover, this water management process also helps in reducing the waterborne diseases. Thus, we need to clean the water if we desire a healthy environment.

How does it happen? wastewater treatment is a process-based function. It begins with the setting-up of a plant which may be biological or chemical in nature. The treatment plants that process the municipal water or nay other water resource affected by household activities is a biological one, while the plant that treats chemical-affected water is called a chemical treatment plant. Both these systems work of the similar lines but with some different stages. Basically, the contaminated water is passed through different tanks where it is screened and filtered. Some chemicals also may be used to completely purify the water. Generally such chemicals are utilized to remove the dissolved matter that cannot be removed by the general sieving and straining.

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