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Hydro Cyclone Unit

Hydro Cyclone Unit

Hydrocyclone/Sand filteration is a simple unit that is easy to maintain and operate.It has no moving parts or filter elements.This unit utilizes a conical shaped filteration that accelerates the velocity of water maximizing filteration of sand and other solid particles with greater than 90% efficiency and higher with very low pressure loss.This filteration has been designed and made to meed highest requirements as to Quality and finish.

These hydrocyclone filteration protect the filteration equipments/strainers and other irrigation equipments from damage and abrasion caused by debries and years of performance to the life and efficiency of your equipments.


    • Damage and abrasion protection of pumps,valves.
    • Filteration processes.
    • Cooling-water systems
    • Fish processing industries
    • Pre filtering of water with high dirt loads of sand before filters & Strainers and Disc filters
    • Filteration of sand and other solid matter from water.