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Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge


At SAF Engineers, we are committed to sustainable processes oriented to zero discharge (also known as zero liquid discharge). The reason is twofold: to try to recover water of excellent quality and to re-use waste or minimize its production.

Using combined concentration techniques, such as membranes and vacuum evaporation, a sufficient concentration of waste can be achieved to:

    • Reuse the water obtained after the treatment process.
    • Sell the waste for other applications.
    • Use the waste as an alternative fuel in cogeneration equipment or other systems.


Zero discharge of liquid effluents is the most sustainable alternative that any industry can adopt in the management of its liquid waste. Zero discharge consists of using techniques and processes that make the reuse of liquid effluents possible with a dual purpose: firstly, to reduce water consumption as much as possible and, secondly, to minimize the volume of waste to be externally managed.

Thus, the zero discharge system concentrates pollutants by thermal treatment and, finally, the effluents are reduced to a dry residue, while the extracted water can be reused again in the process.

The main advantagentages of the implementation of a zero discharge system are the following:

    • Reduction in the company’s environmental impact by minimizing the production of liquid waste.
    • Financial savings in the external management of waste.
    • Reduction in the consumption of mains water by re-using water produced in the process. This advantage also results in an even greater reduction of the company’s environmental impact.
    • Financial savings by reducing the consumption of mains water.
    • Increase in the company’s environmental responsibility and its commitment to sustainability.
    • Strict compliance with the most demanding environmental regulations.
    • Financial savings from the taxation of the discharge and possible administrative sanctions for not complying with the environmental regulations in force.
    • Increased flexibility in the management of liquid effluents produced by not depending on any external agent.
    • Flexibility of the system in terms of changes in the composition.
    • Little space needed, as they are compact systems.
    • Simplicity of operation.
    • High degree of automation.
    • No need for specialized technical personnel.
    • Low cost of personnel.
    • Savings in the consumption of chemical reagents.
    • A high degree of self-sufficiency with regard to water consumption.
    • Possibility of taking advantage of secondary heat from other processes, dramatically reducing operating costs.

SAF Engineers Offer

SAF Engineers has a lot of experience in designing the zero discharge systems that best suit the specific needs of each customer. The optimal system is designed, built and put into operation according to the properties of the effluent and the volume to be treated.

SAF Engineers has a solid team of experts, backed by more than 200 successfully executed projects. Which are currently the best available technologies for the effective implementation of a zero discharge system.